Position Description

Title:   Social Science /Emerging Threat Analyst

Status/Shift:  Full Time Exempt

Department:   USAMS III

Position Summary:  
Perform and document work relating to developing and writing creative and innovative products that help the Commander and staff better understand unanticipated threats and second and third order effects from plans and assumptions. Analyze political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific, or military conditions to understand trends. Provide insight and understanding into emerging global threats and disruptive technology to support development of alternative futures, scenarios and scripts. Develop studies and analysis that help the Command understand possible emerging crises. Using established and innovative structured analytic techniques, operational analysis and planning processes (e.g., Red Teaming, Intelligence analysis, Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES)/Adaptive Planning, Targeting) build frameworks and templates to span the elements of national power (PMESII, DIME) that help focus problem sets. Conduct root cause analysis to define, frame, and scope problem sets, conduct risk analysis, and recommend appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Determine, coordinate, and communicate problem focus areas. Determine boundaries, identify information gaps, and identify gap solutions. Develop recommended courses of action, process improvement/change areas, or technology recommendations.

Perform and document the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of information on USSTRATCOM’s UCP assigned missions. Use assessment results to identify and recommend additional studies, analysis, and trending projects. Participate and assist in forming, leading, and managing COIs across various US Government, private sector, and academic agencies to focus, characterize, and complete assigned duties. Serve as a team liaison to multiple USSTRATCOM/component COIs to execute, facilitate, and integrate alternative futures processes and products throughout the Command. Liaise with key personnel in USSTRATCOM directorates, components, and task forces to ensure adequacy and completeness of products. Establish, manage, and facilitate virtual or physical collaborative forums (i.e. working groups, conferences, symposia). Lead study teams to originate new ideas, projects, and methodologies. Develop a portfolio of contacts and sustain relationships with subject matter experts that will assist the government in bringing a community of interest or community of practice together. Develop, plan and execute surveys and participate in problem solving discussions with senior leaders and other subject matter experts to provide a perspective or analytical basis for decision making. Conduct research on human factors phenomena, analyze sociological trends and data, prepare interpretive reports, provide advice on future global and local impact of human factors, and develop and sustain effective and informative relationships with sociology subject matter experts, communities of interest and communities of practice. Provide insight and understanding to determine country specific and regional motivations, intentions, capabilities, effects, and state-of-the-art technical advances affecting USSTRATCOM’s UCP assigned missions. Leverage software applications in data and information gathering, storage, and visualization. Assist in developing presentations and reports.

Awaiting Award

Top Secret clearance eligible for special access

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer M/F/D/V

Qualifications Required:  
Top Secret clearance eligible for special access

Critical thinking skills, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Ability to prepare a well-grounded, defensible argument

Understands the interrelationships between domain of expertise and other domains

Ability to work well with other organizations and personnel with disparate backgrounds

Ability to communicate effectively both written and verbal

Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task

Strong technical, analytical and interpersonal skills

Ability to work independently and with a team

Experience in MS Office software, including MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint required; experience in MS Project and MS Access, desired

Extensive experience in one of the Social Sciences such as Anthropology, Economics, World History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology or related field

Exceptional knowledge in identified country of interest (country (ies) of interest will be identified when the decision to execute this expansion task is made).

Qualifications Desired:  
Published author preferred

Please submit your resume to hr@aoce.com if you are interested and qualified for this position.  Please list the position title in the subject line.