Position Description

Title:   Senior Modeling and Simulation Engineer

Status/Shift:  Full Time Exempt

Department:   USAMS III

Position Summary:  
Support and manage the design, development, implementation, and application of modeling and simulation tools which integrate other tools for assessment, training, exercises, wargaming, experimentation, concept development, demonstrations, prototyping and alternate futures analysis and other analytical efforts. Assist in development and running of real-world scenarios and what-if excursions. Support development of use cases, user scenarios and concept of operations. Assist in designing simulation experiments to support modeling and simulation analytics. Support interpretation of model and simulation results to inform solution selection and risk mitigation. Articulate the limitations and uncertainty of analyses performed and properly convey these in a balanced way to decision makers. Support modeling and simulation data management. Maintain proficiency to operate modeling and simulation software suited for select USSTRATCOM mission areas. Maintain proficiency on geospatial analysis and visualization software to include Systems Toolkit (STK). Maintain proficiency on modeling and simulation software related to each USSTRATCOM mission area, to include Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM) for global strike and missile defense operations, Ballistic Missile Defense International Simulation (BMD I-Sim) for missile defense operations, and Integrated Space Situational Awareness –Analyst Version (ISSA-AV) for space operations. Support the command’s modeling and simulation coordination efforts. Develop and manage a comprehensive modeling and simulation tool catalog and repository. Suggest methodologies and support return on investment analysis for modeling and simulation activities in USSTRATCOM.

Awaiting Award

Top Secret clearance eligible for special access

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer M/F/D/V

Qualifications Required:  
Top Secret clearance eligible for special access

Critical thinking skills, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Ability to prepare a well-grounded, defensible argument

Understands the interrelationships between domain of expertise and other domains

Ability to work well with other organizations and personnel with disparate backgrounds

Ability to communicate effectively both written and verbal

Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task

Strong technical, analytical and interpersonal skills

Ability to work independently and with a team

Experience in MS Office software, including MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint required; experience in MS Project and MS Access, desired

Demonstrated advanced understanding of mathematics and physics through education or work experience in a mathematical field such as physics, mathematics, engineering, modeling and simulation, or equivalent discipline

5 Years DoD/Industry leadership in the M&S technical field

5 years' of experience in technical solution development for complex problems

Hands on experience in one or more USSTRATCOM mission areas

2 years of experience in software & algorithm development

2 years of experience in manipulating data in one or more modern languages or environments, such as: Python, Java, C++, SAS, R, MATLAB

5 years of experience in at least one of the following areas: Agent Based Modeling, Systems Dynamics Modeling, Discrete Event Modeling, Applied Probability and Statistics, Operations Research.

Please submit your resume to hr@aoce.com if you are interested and qualified for this position.  Please list the position title in the subject line.