BlueForce is Awarded the Air Combat Command and Control Tactical Data Link Operations and Management Organization (A3 TDLOMO) Contract

Supporting BlueForce as a sub, AOCE will support the Headquarters Air Combat Command, Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations Division, HQ ACC/A3CJ, Tactical Data Link Operations and Management Organization (TDLOMO). HQ ACC/A3CJ provides Tactical Data Link (TDL) Operations and Management program support for ACC as well as service support to the MAJCOMs and Warfighting commands.  The primary responsibility of A3CJ as the TDLOMO is to provide ACC/A3 with one organization to address cross platform TDL operations and any resulting issues from platform implementation, operational TDL employment, and data link management with the goal of fostering interoperability, cross-domain integration, and enhancing the digital kill chain. AOCE provides A3CJ with Link 16 network design and management support services.  The TDLOMO operates the Air Force Link 16 Network Design Facility with primary responsibility for the design, delivery and maintenance of Link 16 operational networks used by AF organizations worldwide for training, exercises, testing and contingency operations.  As part of the responsibility to support timely net-centric operations, A3CJ represents the AF as lead command for TDL operations throughout the four phases of the Link 16 network management process (design, planning, initiation, and operation).