AOCE Receives Jimmy Doolittle Fellow Award


On 12 February 2015, AOCE was recognized by the Air Force Association, the Commander of Air Combat Command, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and by the Secretary of the Air Force for their contributions to the Warfighter training through Live, Virtual and Constructive Training.  AOCE was awarded the Command and Control, Technical Support Contract at the Distributed Mission Operations Center beginning on 26 September 2013 that combined a prior technical and operational contract structure into one inclusive contract for conducting Virtual Flags in accordance with COMACC EXPLAN-88.  In addition to four annual Virtual Flag events, the contract includes two Joint Kill Chain Events and two Weapons School Events in direct support of the 8th Weapons School syllabus.  The Command and Control Technical Support Contract team supports 705 Combat Training Squadron directed Acceptance Testing, Fleet Synthetic Training – Joint and a number of other Live, Virtual and Constructive initiatives that support Warfighter training.  General “Hawk” Carlisle selected the 705 Combat Training Squadron, as a leader in Air Combat Command, for its contributions to Live, Virtual and Constructive Training in industrial partnership with AOCE for recognition by the Air Force Association at the Warfighter Symposium in Orlando Florida.

The Air Force Association’s Central Florida Chapter sponsored the symposium and recognized six organizations, four military and two from industry, which have made significant contributions to the Warfighter training effort.  The Air Force Association focused on small businesses who have impacted performance across the Combat Air Forces, leading to valued-added training given the fiscally challenged environment in today’s DoD.  AOCE’s team of 30 subject matter experts supported government innovation in Live, Virtual and Constructive Training with the integration of newly Distributed Mission Operations capable sites, the inclusion of Live aircraft, Live ground systems and continuous software and hardware refreshing.  The collaborative efforts between Industry and the Military, at the squadron level, have had a lasting and significant influence on training for the next generation of military technology.  AOCE is the go-to company for the military services from individualized, stand-alone training, to major combat operations scenarios that afford Tactics, Techniques and Procedures development and validation.  The 705th Combat Training Squadron in partnership with AOCE is networking across the Joint, Allied and Coalition Military Community in a Virtual training environment that is unmatched anywhere in the world.