AOCE is Awarded the Contract to Support the Joint Interoperability Division (JID) and Joint Multi Tactical Data Link (TDL) School (JTMS)

AOCE teamed with Odyssey and Booz Allen Hamilton to provide contractor team support to the Joint Interoperability Division (JID) and the Joint Multi Tactical Data Link School at Ft Bragg, North Carolina.  The contract supports the JID’s mission as the Joint Chief of Staff’s proponent for Joint Tactical Operations (JTO) Interface and multi-Tactical Data Link (TDL) network (MTN) operations training which includes interoperability within the J-series family of TDL, including Link 16, Link 22, Variable Message Format (VMF), Common Message Format (CMF), and Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS).  In addition to assisting the JID in developing, planning, coordinating and managing its JCS directed JTO responsibilities, contractor support includes Curriculum Development, Instructional System Design (ISD), Classroom Technology and Course Management  Support; Joint and Allied Academic Instruction Support;  Asynchronous Distance Learning Management; Operations Support; Joint Exercise Support; Joint Deconfliction Server (JDS) Support; Reference Library and Database Support; and Link-16 Spectrum Deconfliction Support.