Team AOCE is awarded the 1st Space Brigade Task Order (TO 1538) under SMDA2S IDIQ


AOCE is proud to announce their team’s win under the SMDA2S IDIQ. This task order is to provide the 1st Space Brigade (1SP BDE) with technical expertise and continuity to carry out its mission supporting USSTRATCOM and ongoing overseas contingency operations. The technical expertise contributes directly to the preparation for deployment and ability of deploying brigade elements to carry out support to operations FREEDOM SENTINEL and other global operations. Deployment of Brigade S3-assigned military members coupled with extended pre-deployment absences for mandatory training and certification necessitate contractor support. Guidelines for these tasks are frequently very general in nature, and Team AOCE will interpret policy on our own initiative, conceptualize system problems or requirements, analyze highly complex technical and programmatic problems or alternatives and provide guidance to the command.